Dream Warrior Womyn

Her fears stormed thunderously through the heart and being

of her vulnerable spirit.

Torrential tears reigned heavily for one night and a day.

Nearly drowning in the depths of her despair,

instead was baptized in the cathartic chaos

and was born again from the ashes

borne from the fires of her personal hell.


And so it was, that she began the new day

– naked and raw –

shivering in the morning light that warmed her

slowly and surely.

Waking her softly with tender kisses,

her spirit lover came

Reminding her that she remains the same

– and had always been the warrioress –

only now she was awake and aware of the truth

that the nature of her being, is the dream warrior.

In comforting her that morn,

in the mists between dreamtime and awake,

her beautiful lover reminded her also,

that their love will always be so,

like the rising and setting sun,

beginning each day the same way.

Tho not always present,

the lover would remain in the warrioress‘ heart and soul

for they are one.


Toni (rev. 2015)


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