Dream Interpretations: Houses

Interpreting dreams is a very personal thing. The meanings behind symbols are often highly individual due to variances in personal experiences, society views, morals, spirituality, culture, and personal environment including what may have happened during the past 24 hours.

According to the online article, Carl Jung – Dream Theories and Analysis (DreamStop), “Freud’s view on dreaming was that everyone has their own tools to interpret a dream. He viewed specific dreams as something designed to help reveal something about yourself that you didn’t know. Your dreams were given to you to help realize your full potential in your waking life. His view was that your interpretation of your own dream was the most important opinion that matter, more valuable than anyone else’s opinion.”

“Jung’s view was that by discussing what is currently going on in your life, you can help unlock specific cryptic messages and images in your dream. Jung’s overall interpretation of dreams emphasises the dreamer and the power they have to unlock the answers in the dream. There is no single correct interpretation of a dream; whatever interpretation feels right to you is the most significant one.”

However, with most “house dreams,” there is a fairly common interpretation that a house usually represents you. When we look at the house as a symbol of ourselves, we can consider the state of the physical structure: is it dirty, messy, clean, in need of repair, bright, or dark? If a house is dilapidated in some way, perhaps there is some aspect of your being that needs attention.

What room or rooms does the dream take place in? Which floor? What’s happening in those rooms? Basements have been called the subconscious; those things we know, but not always aware we know. First / 2nd Floors are typically conscious and made up of the stuff we do daily.

Attics / 2nd & 3rd Floors.  DreamMoods, an online source for dream interpretations, offers this: “ … could represent hidden memories, repressed thoughts, or even symbolize your mind, spirituality and your connection to your higher self. It could also signify difficulties in your life which hinder you from attaining your goals and aspirations, which after struggling with, you will eventually overcome. It could also signal a need to rid yourself of the past and let go of the past emotions that hold you back.”

Who are the players in your dreamscape? Are they strangers or people you actually know in your daily life? The people in our dreams are said to be aspects of ourselves, whether stranger or familiar. Both could be representations of yourself, so it’s something to consider when interpreting your dream. Either way, the recalled dream is calling attention to yourself and asking you to work something out. It might be as simple as that, and the way you interact or react to the people in your life.

Some dreams are so incredibly vivid that we remember each scene so vividly as if it all just really happened to us. These are noteworthy and if you have time, it is a good idea to jot it down so you can go back to it, if necessary, to sort it out. It’s really great if you have someone to talk to about it later and have your notes handy.

In the light of day, some things just make so much more sense! Happy dreaming!



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