Post Holiday Blues

It’s another gray day in our Michigan winter. As far as snow and cold, we’ve had very little of the former and are just starting to experience the ‘right’ temperatures for this time of year, as well as precipitation. These gray days, the cold and the snow come every year, of course. We expect it. Hopeful and joyfully even, from Thanksgiving to Christmas, because everyone here pretty much likes a white Christmas.

Holiday lights seem brighter and more magical under a blanket of snow, and on these longer nights, the lights are festive, fun and cheerful.

For about 5 weeks of every year, we seem to be in a continuous mode of feasting, indulging, gifting and celebrating right up to the last minute of the  current year and into the new one. We end the holidays by welcoming the new year optimistically, filled with the sense that we get to start over, do better, be better (and possibly not so much “cheer” next New Year’s eve if the 2-day hangover doesn’t seem were worth it anymore).

Surviving NYE and resting (recuperating) on the first full day of the new year, it’s time to start packing the lights and ornaments away, stripping our homes and places of business holiday finery and getting back to the day to day stuff. Not that it stopped while we were having a jolly old time for the past 30 days or so, but there were, at least, small and large gatherings, holiday cheer and merrymaking for many of us.

And now the party is over. Welcome to post holidays blues.

It really just hit me today, now that everything is down and boxed up.

Oh sure there is a little bit of glitter here and there, subtle reminders that like dust, need to be wiped away. A small reminder that it’s time to get on with the new year.

Like so many others, getting back on track with the day to day stuff that claims our daily life is just that, a part of life.

But sometimes we need to find little spots of sunshine to brighten our day and our lives. Never mind the resolutions, I’m talking about setting some time to tend to our well-being.

I’m quite aware of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) because I have experienced it. The time right after the holidays being such a let down contributes too, but I’ve a few things that help which I was reminded about today as I looked up a few articles online.

I’ve gone to tanning booths myself, and I’m not saying that it is a true cure but I will say that it has warmed my body nicely and it is a bit fun to have a tan line in winter, even if temporary.

I’ve read how important Vitamin D is, which is called the sunshine vitamin, for good reason. You get it from the sun. There are also supplements. Be sure to ask your doctor what amount is right for you and what other supplements would be good for you in this case.

Of course, nothing is better than the sun and so if possible, get out there anyway and make a snowman or better yet, book a trip to someplace sunny! I hear Denver gets a lot of sun and you can enjoy the snow while you’re there too. Or head to the south where the snow birds go. Tennis anyone?



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