Writing by Hand

With all the technology we have and use to communicate, does anyone receive actual handwritten notes or letters anymore? It seems as if we no longer bother when we can just text someone or if more needs to be said, send a private message through Facebook or even (insert feigned gasp here), a full-length letter by email. Is handwriting a note or letter-writing a lost art? Is it gone for good?

I had forgotten how cool it is to get a letter in the mail. Aside from bills (which you can now get emailed or text reminded) or mass marketed ads and the physical version of spam mail, it’s still exciting to get “real” mail. I admit it is somewhat awkward, though, to read last week’s news several day later, after perhaps reading the whole sorry in some form on any of my social media.

I rarely get anything handwritten anymore. I get a lot more emails than anything, but on the rare occasion, a hand-signed card on my birthday, or for a holiday maybe. It is almost shocking to see anything handwritten and personal in the mailbox! But it is still quite personal and somehow almost intimate.

Looking at the handwritten form of your name and address, the return address up there too somewhere, whether on a card, letter, or (yippee!) a care package, somehow conveys a secret part of the sender, where they picked up pen or marker and channeled their energy or essence to that paper.

That seems to be the feeling, too, when writing instrument is picked up and put to paper, that no matter what is written, it is some aspect of self that is shared or transferred to paper. It is even possible to purge through this medium, the physical act of writing and transferring some aspect that needs to be let go. For example, instead of saving thoughts in a diary, or penning a dream to journal later to be analyzed, one could purge the energy of a bad memory by penning it, detailed and a free as one wanted, and then ceremoniously burned.

The idea of burning is actually quite spiritual in some cultures. As many N. American Indians burn or smoke tobacco in prayer, so too, could the burning of a hand-written effigy be a prayer going up in smoke to the ethers, the Creator, Source.

I don’t know what it is about handwriting that connects us to each other or even to a higher realm spiritually speaking, but out of curiosity, I had to google the phrase, “The art of handwriting,” which lead to quite a few interesting titles and included books on the subject. I read the “The Dying Art of Handwriting” with interest, notably because it pointed out the benefits of handwriting, some reasons being it is important to our learning and also to better memory. For example, a handwritten note to recall something of note is more readily remembered than one typed out on a memo on a tablet.

Essentially, aside from the romantic and very personal connections we experience with someone with a handwritten letter or card, it is also an essential part of our developing or continued brain functions.

So, write on!



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