If Walls Could Talk

I’ve been looking around our home lately, wondering if I should apologize to it for the lack of vitality that seems to be missing from our living space. I don’t know if it feels drab to me because of the long grey winters in our region, or if our home is missing some vital element that gives it that “zing”.  Maybe there is some funky, gooey, residual memory of our home’s past resident(s), sticking to the walls.

The saying, “If walls could talk….,” comes to mind. I feel that living spaces or otherwise occupied buildings hold past energies, not unlike quartz crystals or personal items that hold memories of the owners or energies that pass through.

Places like dilapidated buildings, and abandoned asylums and prisons, often give off eerie vibes. Often, the crumbling, old, often cold spaces draw our attention to the possible histories of violence and negativity.

It’s interesting that cemeteries don’t seem to exude those hostile feelings, unless you’re there after dark on a moonless Halloween night, when several someones, living and breathing, are apt to be playing Ouija board, dressed in the various ghastly ensemble. It’s likely because the people buried there never “lived” there, and cemeteries are often clean, park-like places for the living to visit their loved one’s memorial.

Cemeteries are places of rest, whereas abandoned asylums and prisons and other discordant spaces held people who were unhappy, dissonant, and prisoners of disease, madness, and violence. These are places where hauntings seem to occur.

Residual energies, for better or worse, are all around. However, where there is life, there are ever-changing energies, and with it, the possibility of creating harmonious energies. And, it is an ongoing effort because every day brings with it new energies.

In our current home, I’ve never felt there were negative energies, nor has it ever felt haunted. It just seems devoid of something. My recent purchase of a small wooden box planter filled with three ready to bloom hyacinths was a move toward’s injecting or invoking the spirit of Spring. A day or two after that purchase, I was caught off guard when the lovely fragrance of blooming flowers wafted past me. I selfishly decided to keep the purple blossoms nearby, hoping that the lack of direct sunlight over here won’t kill it prematurely.

Blossoming flowers do make me smile, though wistfully, as I think about the coming Spring. It’s no mistake that Spring has the equivalent meaning of Hope. “Hope Springs Eternal” may mean that we’re ever the hopeful optimist, but at least, we know for sure that Spring cometh!

Until Spring fully returns, I still need to plant my herb seeds for the new indoor herb garden I now have shelving for, look for and Pinterest garden ideas and explore new recipes to try as we move towards a plant-based diet.  Anything to redirect my attention towards the miracles that happen every Spring.

IMG_2271 (1)

Winter 2015/16 – Photo by Toni Genia

Day 5 – 500 Words a Day Challenge


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