On Prayer and Intention

Prayers know no boundaries between a neighbor, country, continent, nor timezone. When any one of us lays down, sends up or sends out our prayers, ritualized or not, no matter what faith or spiritual path, our prayers uplift our spirits and one another. It can’t be any other way.

Prayers are words. Prayers are tears of joy, sorrow and askance. Prayers are chanted, sung, drummed and danced. Whirling dervishes spin intentions, asking them to come to life. Lighting candles in a painted cathedral or the cool damp of a stony cavern, the tiny flame flickers, and flashes, sending little sparks of prayers out into the dark.

Sometimes words fail. “Prayer,” though just a word, brings some to their knees, while others stand proud or angry, refusing to bow to anyone or anything. Even so, solace is found too, on the tongue of another or the heartbeat of a Nation’s drums.

When it comes to the act of praying, are we so different, the people of this earth? Don’t we all pray, in one form or another, to a Spirit or Creator or gods and goddesses of our cultures, of our dreams or our personal visions? I bet even the atheist looks UP when he shakes his angry fist at the sky. Praying? Maybe, maybe not.  But cursing is as powerful as a prayer too when it invokes an emotive response.

Prayer is the Spirit of Creation. It is an intention, focused. Creation is all around us. It’s in the wind, the snow, and the rains.

It is music when words fail. Music sings our prayers. Our body’s move and sway; creation rifts in the etheric ponds, rippling outward.

Our prayers soar on the winds carried by the voices of others sometimes. A poem too, or a tale told by our ancestral grandmothers and grandfathers.

Prayers live in our dreams, expressed in outrageous acts of folly and seeming nonsense that a nonsensical dream oft is.

They are a baby’s soft breath, asleep peacefully in her new home outside of her mother’s womb, the new mother looking down at her, imagining what her daughter’s life will bring to the world. What new adventures will this child travel with her mother and father? These are prayers of hope and courage, and askance in small ways to be safe and sound as they embark on their new journey together.

Sometimes, a prayer is the little blue pill prescribed by the doctor. A prayer to end the physical or emotional pain. Is it any less important than a prayer for hope or courage in the face of a daunting journey? Forgive us our trespasses.

Prayers are words, songs, dance, love, hate, forgiveness, desire, passion, peace, compassion, poetry. Prayer is not about religion, though it might be askance for an understanding of a god/dess, God, the All That Is.

Prayer is intention; it is asking with the intention to heal, to know, or to experience.

Amen and Om.


c. January 2016


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