Are Hauntings Slips in Time?

Is it possible that some hauntings may be time slips instead of true hauntings, happening simultaneously at the current time and period of origin? It is an interesting concept that I consider possible, based on two personal experiences I will share here.

The first was over a winter holiday that extended over a 10-day period including that Christmas and New Year’s Day. My family went south for the winter holiday, and I stayed behind due to a new job. I was completely alone that Christmas day, although I did spend 4 hours on the phone with a friend, so that helped the sense of being alone for that night. A few nights later, it turned out I was not as alone as I thought. Quite vividly and loudly, I suddenly heard a large number of voices all talking at once like there was a huge gathering in the home! No shouting or tinkling of glasses, just a large number of disembodied voices talking casually to each other. I have no idea what was said, only that the sound was outside of my head, not inside. I was honestly worried that I was on my way to insanity. I haven’t heard anything since, but years later, I told the story to my mother, and she confessed she heard these voices once, too! A couple of weekends ago, we shared our story at my brother’s birthday dinner, and one of my nephews claimed he thought he heard voices there once, too. Could the voices have been a time slip? Do some events replay over and over again, and come to be known as hauntings?

Before moving up north, my family and I lived in a quaint 1930’s home that belonged to the nearby church’s parsonage. We have had a few paranormal incidents occur there, none of them related to the house directly, except possibly the clergy. One day, in broad daylight, I was home alone and on the phone with my mother. I happened to walk to the dining room and looked on into the living room when I watched a man stand up from my husband’s chair and walked west to and through the wall. He was wearing a bowler-type shaped cap, visible only from his mid-torso on up, and was in a black smoky form. Was this one-time visit a time slip, and not a haunting? The bowler cap visitor has never been seen again, by me or my 1st husband, who still lives there.

When these things occur to me or any member of my family, it doesn’t seem to surprise any of us. We’ve even had group experiences. Maybe it is because of this that we are so open-minded and are allowed glimpses of the co-realities. Whatever the case may be, I do try to keep an open-mind; you just never know what you’ll hear, learn, or experience!



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