Tea for Two

The directions read, “To enjoy fully and receive the most benefits, boil 12 ounces of fresh spring water, preferably after it has sat under the gaze of any full moon for one full day before, the day of, and the day after. Using your favorite non-metal loose leaf tea diffuser, steep the herb mixture for a full 10 minutes before enjoying. Covering the tea receptacle with your favorite tea cozy or a simple, clean kitchen towelette will keep your tea warm until it is ready. When ready to enjoy, feel free to sweeten with raw, organic honey.”

I have no idea what the tea had to do with the moon, but I was so damned exhausted from chronic insomnia that I was willing to try anything.

They called “old Sylvia” was a witch, or maybe she was just a misunderstood old world herbalist. Either way, many women spoke highly of her ‘cures’ and remedies. I was grateful for the eclectic community of women in Old Town.

When Sylvia came to Green Door Herbs N’ More in town, I expected her to arrive on a broom and dressed outlandishly, according to the built-up image I had in my active imagination. Instead, she was rather eclectic and down to earth, like an old country farm woman in her silver years, just coming in from her herbaceous gardens. Simply put, her white, bushy yet thinning hair was pulled back in a loose ponytail, she wore a loose, modern tie-dyed tunic that hung loosely over straight-legged, cuffed jeans, probably Levi’s or an off brand. “Girl, you don’t sleep well or remember your dreams? Why do you think that is?” Her eyes shone bright and clear as she grinned at me, through thin, shapely lips that at one time must have been full, luscious, and maybe kissed at least a dozen pair of lips in their day. You could tell she was a natural beauty back then.

She seemed to look right through me, searching for answers that my mouth seemed to have forgotten to speak.

“I honestly don’t know,” I replied, not believing it entirely.

The truth was that I had a dream about two months prior that had affected me so significantly, I could think of little else for at least two days after. I was with a man in my dream, and in that surreal reality, he was the love of my life. It was something I just knew, even though I never met the man in outside of my dreams. I KNEW, when I awoke, that I KNEW him from somewhere though I had never seen him prior.

I suppose it made sense since I was single and I longed to meet someday someone who could take my breath away. Someone, who would love me more than I loved myself until I could learn to love myself maybe. After all, if you’re told enough times that you ain’t shit, you begin to believe it.

Call me superstitious, but I wanted to follow the old witch’s instructions and infuse my water with the light of the midnight sun. There were artesian wells and springs just north of town. Everyone filled up their empty containers of the sweet, naturally filtered water. There was nothing sweeter when it came to good water. Screw the bottled water companies. This was the real deal.

And so it is, that brings me to the tea, sitting before me. I steeped it for a full 15 minutes, and the pungent smell told me to add a little honey. It’s not bad. Well, not really, but at least with the sweetener, it’s drinkable.

I just want, no NEED to sleep. If nothing else, to find that man, my dream lover.

I made a double dose, just to be sure I get to sleep and hopefully, long enough to dream and search for him.

So sleepy now, I think it’s working. I can barely keep my eyes open as it is.

Mmm; sleep comes. And with it, hopefully, the dreams!

I’ll write later … I can..t…..

… to be continued

500-word challenge


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