Deep Blue You

This was a timed 30-minute Word Snatch. We were given 30 minutes to write about this image. I called my short (240words), Deep Blue You.

Deep Blue You

DEEP BLUE YOUSeeing you for the first time, I became aware of your pure beauty, your elegance, and your shy smile.

What are you hiding, I thought to myself.

Are you like so many of us, who presents our finest in the light of day, until we find someone who is willing and able to dive into our ocean to discover our hidden treasures that we reserve for the chosen few?

Above the surface, there are many like me and you, showing only the parts of our self that fit into the seas of normal, day to day life. We all live like islands or peninsulas in these vast oceans of consciousness and awareness, but have you looked deeper below the surface lately? Explored the depths of another? Of yourself?

Have you noticed that on the floor of the collective ocean, we are all connected, after all? Our roots touch each other, after all, embedded in the shared ocean floor. And, we share the waters we float in, surf on, and navigate.

Maybe your surface presented to others is a little different. Maybe your island is tropical while mine is a rainforest. That archipelago over there is home to the funniest birds with webbed feet. But his birds swim in the same oceans that receive its share of the inland rivers, streams, and lakes.

Deep blue is all around us;  we are it and it is us. We are One.

I am not the owner of the inspirational image. If you are, please let me know so I can credit your work (or remove it if you prefer)


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