Dreams of Summer


a dream of SummerI really am a dreamer. Who says you can’t fly? I can!

But not this time. This time, I’m here at Lake Michigan!

Here I am, dreaming now, sitting on this over-sized mountain of beastly flesh, listening to the sea gull’s screech overhead, and the waves and I think I hear the playful splashing of other children playing in the water

I didn’t know you could hear with your ears in dreams. In fact, that hippo talks to me, too, but his lips don’t move. How is it that in all my dreams, I hear people talk, but I never see their lips move?

I dunno, but the sun sure feels good on my skin, even though I know I’m just dreaming. I wouldn’t wanna be somewhere cold in my dream, so this is a good dream I guess. I could be in a snowstorm, and even though that’s not a nightmare, it sure isn’t going to be much fun in that dream.

Unless I was on a snowmobile racing a polar bear!

No, that’s a sad dream. Polar bears are dying. But in MY dream, they would be fat and furry and full of sea vegetables! Yes, that would be a good dream.

Do polar bears eat sea vegetables? I dunno. I think they eat penguins. But in my world, they prefer sea vegetables. And they aren’t starving.

I don’t like that dream anymore. I wish Emmers would wake me up.

I guess I’ll close my dream eyes and think of a better dream then! Liam says he can change his dreams easily. I wonder how he does it?

Oh, I think I know now. Liam just imagines a new place!

I really must close my eyes and think hard! Oh, my head hurts! I wish my I could just sleep in my dream. Why does my head hurt? I’ll just lay here on this big old lump of warm leathery skin and bask in the sun.

This dream is the best dream ever. Seagulls, waves, and the warm sunshine on my skin.

500 Word Snatch with a 30-minute timer.


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