Celestial Bliss

Evening comes early, with autumn's chilly season upon us. I look out double paned windows, watching bronze and ochre colored leaves drift down to dampened earth, thinking what you must see from your window, if you were indeed, looking out. In tune with the season, my mind asks what fruits will this season's harvest bring,... Continue Reading →


Snow Daze (Pt. 1)

Daggers. Icy, pointed, frozen blades reigned down from winter’s gloomy grey skies, suspended above the frozen tundra, clinging to eaves, ledges and roofs. The next day, more of the same. More of the flat, colorless, drab grey skies. Who the hell pissed the sky gods off this time? Michigan Winters. Cold blasts of icy winds... Continue Reading →

Dream Interpretations: Houses

Interpreting dreams is a very personal thing. The meanings behind symbols are often highly individual due to variances in personal experiences, society views, morals, spirituality, culture, and personal environment including what may have happened during the past 24 hours. According to the online article, Carl Jung – Dream Theories and Analysis (DreamStop), “Freud’s view on dreaming... Continue Reading →

Dream Warrior Womyn

Her fears stormed thunderously through the heart and being of her vulnerable spirit. Torrential tears reigned heavily for one night and a day. Nearly drowning in the depths of her despair, instead was baptized in the cathartic chaos and was born again from the ashes borne from the fires of her personal hell.   And... Continue Reading →

Unfinished Business

Too often, we go on with our lives leaving things unsaid. This is a letter to someone I don't know. It's graphic. If you're bothered by hard truths, swear words or rape, stop reading now. Thank you.   To Whomever You Are, You were one of five men who took advantage of a runaway girl... Continue Reading →

An Old Indian Legend

Aside from pow wows that I was subject to periodically as a young girl, there weren’t too many places that I could learn about being Indian and being proud to be who I was.  I don’t remember many words of encouragement from the world at large. We were urban Indians when I was really young,... Continue Reading →

A Yooper’s Ghost Story

This story is not mine. It's been in my files for some time, and I don't even remember who sent it, and they sent it to me without an author's name. If you know who authored it, please let me know so I can give him or her credit. Maybe it was Toivo. 😉 Toni... Continue Reading →

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