Celestial Bliss

Evening comes early, with autumn’s chilly season upon us. I look out double paned windows, watching bronze and ochre-colored leaves drift down to dampened earth, thinking what you must see from your window, if you were indeed, looking out.

In tune with the season, my mind asks what fruits will this season’s harvest bring, while my heart-sown seeds that were so long planted and left for withered seem to have gained a second life and are beginning to reach for the sun for nurturing and growth.

What dream ever really dies, I ask myself?

And then, by karma, coincidence or fate, our paths crossed, like the sun and moon. Both of the same sky, but never really sharing that space. Yet they remain lovers evermore, if only in their celestial minds.

Their fate? To love from afar, with only a glimpse of one another in the morning sky.

How I will love those days now when the sun rises and the moon still hangs, faded yet visible. It is as we are … far apart, yet sharing celestial bliss.

(from the Autumn archives, many moons ago)


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