Cocooned in the tiniest of tightly woven white shrouds, her essence’s form felt safe and cradled. This is not, after all, entombed, she heard. “Who said that,” she thought to herself, as her inner eyes remained sleepily closed. Sometimes, the darkness was like a tomb, until the brightness came again, and with it, the soft tinkling of liquid notes, washing against …. what was it? It was on the tip of her tongue, that sound. The soft rushing of …. liq…. uid …. wah….. ter? Yes, that was it, water! It is the sound of water. How did I know it was water? “I don’t know,” she sighed softly to herself, and again, the brightness went away and her world was without sound and she slept softly breathing, and somehow, a little bit bigger, within her cocoon.

After a time in the non-brightness, the world again, that sang her awake, softly, quietly, and increasingly … demanding…no, encouraging, her to …. reach…. yes, reach and stretch … to move towards that warmth that seemed ever singing to her, asking her to …expand, and to be something just a little bit more, than the day before.

It brought her a feeling of such warmth, and beauty and love, that bright warm light did.

Outside her cocoon, there were other sounds too. Other little whisperings, enticing her to move just a little bit, to grow, to expand, and the voices were strange, sometimes, yet sweet, and sometimes singing to her soul, like little bells tinkling in a breeze, barely perceptible. But she heard their songs, their whisperings, and their giggles, and eventually, she found herself surrounded in the gentle scents of white blossoms, very fragrant and happy and bright!

She lazily moved just a little, each day, feeling herself growing or expanding. What was this, this expansion and core desire to do so? How is this happening and why, she analyzed to herself. She began to wonder to herself, in the dark of the night, when she thought she was all alone, even though the sweet fragrances were wafting about her and were their perfume was so … she inhaled deeply and smiled, calming to her little zen place. Where did the songs come from, she wondered? Who is singing? Why couldn’t they be quiet, she asked herself?

“Their songs make me move in such way that my safe haven, my cocoon draws further and away and higher and oh my gosh what is happening to me,” she thought to herself. Will they ever stop singing and why must I go to that brightness …. “ohhh, how beautiful it is.”

“But I’m frightened.” Something is changing. I don’t want to …. I’m scared!

I don’t want to keep growing, she thought to herself. What happens when I grow too big? What will become of my cocoon? It is …. oh my gosh listen to that sweet thunder! Is that thunder? Oh my gosh, it is rain. I know that sound, she shouted in her essence’s mind.

In the time she came to know her resting period when the songs were barely audible, she found her arms …. and she couldn’t help but PUSH herself to open.

And when the Sun rose the next day, He smiled at the little orange blossom, and said, “Welcome, fragrant one. Welcome!”

And she basked in His light, trusting that blossoming was only the beginning, just as her budding was. And that there would be more changes and growth until she would give herself up to nourish The Mother Earth through yet another cycle of Life, reincarnating perhaps as an apple next time. But for now, she would release her little song and fragrance, as the branch next to her had another little nub, just peeking out from its branch, and would also need to be sung awake.

The End ….. and soon, another Beginning.


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